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Any articles scoured from the Internet mentioning the ATI driver should end up here. Some good, some great, some not so great. Sometimes news aggregators (like Slashdot) have lots of useful bits in their comments, include them as well.

You can also see this list in in reverse chronological order.


2005-11-12 : ATI-Treiber 8.19.10


2005-11-12 : ATI POWERPlay
2005-11-11 : ATI Linux Display Driver v8.19.10
2005-10-12 : ATI Linux Display Driver v8.18.6
2005-06-09 : ATI Linux Display Driver v8.14.13


2005-07-29 : Connect3D Radeon X800 Linux Review
2005-06-12 : Phoronix: ATI Linux Display Driver v8.14.13 Tested
2004-07-05 : ATI Proprietary Linux Driver 3.11.1 Released


2005-07-30 : A Look at the State of ATI Linux Drivers


2005-10-13 : ATI Linux Display Driver v8.18.6