Slackware internal SlackBuild (ENG)

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since writing this aritcle a long time ago I can see the advantages of Slackware for a lot of people. I wrote some of this in anger which was probably wrong as most of the problems were caused by own lack of knowledge or research, I hold my hands up there.I think you're right though as a first experience of Linux for a complete newbie Slackware is not the right choice, I stand by that 100%. People with a little more Linux knowledge might move to it later of course but not first time.I'm actually looking to try out Arch soon and I don't want to repeat my mistakes here. So lots of research is in order. I think there is a place for all distros and we should respect each others differences as you say, not try to start some holy war over it. We are all Linux users and that's the main thing for me, we're already such a minority in the IT world why divide ourselves further? It doesn't help anyone.Thanks againDan