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You don't talk about Envy

8.35.5 is out, someone please update the main page. Thanks. I'm not sure if anyone has tried the new ATI Control Panel.

8.34.8 is out

8.22.5 is out

8.25.18 is out.

Please read about OGP at

"Unofficial ATI Linux Driver Wiki" is a very ambiguous and confusing title for this page - it sounds like a wiki for an unofficial ATI Linux driver, but in fact is an unofficial Wiki for Ati's proprietory Linux driver. "ATI Linux Driver, unofficial Wiki" would be a rather clearer title. Othe3rwise, people looking for info on the fully open source driver for ATI video cards would think this was a good place to start looking. A.E.R.Waddington, UK.

I have edited the title to be more appropriate. Thanks for the suggestion. Mooninite 11:33, 4 December 2006 (CST)

Would like to enter a bug regarding 8.33.6 into bugzilla, but bugzilla is broken since days. Can someone fix it? A. Wilms, 10 January 2007

Hello? Somebody able to fix this?

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Pages that aren't really pages

  1. ATI Radeon Xpress 1150
  2. Holarse
  3. InTheNews
  4. InTheNewsBySite
  5. Index.php