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If you require help with installing the AMD fglrx driver, please consider a web forum or mailing list.


I did a little cleanup and formatting, and clarified the configuration section in Method 2. I inserted a comment about TexturedVideo on the newer cards for Xv, as well. I hope nobody minds. --Porter 08:11PM EDT 29 April 2008

I've also done a little cleanup on method two. I removed some extra steps that were not needed and rephrased some of the text so that it flows better. I also changed some incorrect statements. --Compwiz18 07:56, 22 May 2008 (CDT)

Updating a manually installed driver

Would it be good to add some notes on how to update the driver when new releases are available. I'm a little unsure of this myself; is it as simple as building the packages as per the instructions and doing the usual sudo apt-get install or is there more to it?

There is no auto-update routine as of yet. Upgrading will require a simple download, build, and install per the existing method. --Porter 02:10PM EDT 06 May 2008

OK, thanks. I should also mention I did a manual install on a clean install of Kubuntu Hardy - everything is fine but the restricted drivers GUI tool (jockey-kde) notes that fglrx is "In Use" AND "enabled". Shouldn't be any need to panic :)

"In USE" and "ENABLED" is also shown by Restricted drivers manager in Gnome after using the second manual instalation method. However, the driver works fine.

--- Eugenio, 10:45(CET), Monday, 12th May 2008

Problem with vboxdrv and fglrx

May it worth mention at the bottom of the page ? I have been all day long looking for how to solve it!! :)

--alejandro 18:24(GMT+1)


With 8-10 driver and Ubuntu 8.04 is no more necessary to disable fglrx in the restricted modules. The package fglrx-modaliases_* , in fact, provides compatibility with Jockey and in the restricted drivers window, the driver appears as present and in use. -- 16:31, 6 November 2008 (UTC)


Quote: ..("hardy" is not a typo).. You've put a big smile on my face - lolz :)