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If you require help with installing the AMD fglrx driver, please consider a web forum or mailing list.

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creating deb packages error

Since 12.11 resp. 13.1 creating deb package gives an error. The reason for the error is a typo in the rules file of the driver. Here is a possible solution done on Ubuntu 12.04. For other distro versions go to the corresponding folder of the extracted driver (see below):

Go to the directory where you downloaded the driver. Extract the driver to e.g. "~/AMD_v13.1" directory

$sudo sh ./ --extract ~/AMD_v13.1

Go to the directory AMD_v13.1

 cd ~/AMD_v13.1

Go to the directory of your Ubuntu distro with the "rules" file and make a copy. Here for Ubuntu 12.04 precise.

$ cd packages/Ubuntu/dists/precise
$ sudo cp rules rules.bak

Open "rules" with writing privileges, e.g.

sudo gedit rules

Look for the line number 242 (or for the line which reads "dh_install -p$(PKG_driver) "arch/x86_64/usr/share/ati/lib" "$(datadir)/ati". Change the entry of that line from "...arch/x86_64/usr..." to ".../arch/x86/usr...". Save the file and build the packages (this will place the packages in the parent directory)

$ cd ~/AMD_v13.1
$./ 9000 --buildpkg Ubuntu/precise