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This product was easy to use right out of the box. We opeend it up, plugged it in, and it was ready to go. The hardest part was finding an optional window mount to fit it at Best Buy after we bought it. I still haven't figured that out but it works on the window with what it came with. It is easy to read, and the car charger it came with is sufficient for charging I took back the home charger I had bought for it I don't think I'd ever use it. allenvikki3 says:I have only used Garmin's, however the store that I was nearest to did not have a comparable model in stock. The closest item to what I was used to seemed to be the Tom-Tom; however from the first use of the Tom-Tom I HATED IT! My thought became that perhaps I was having difficulties converting from the Garmin. ND01FAN01 says:I really like this product, quick easy set up, 5 inch display is great, like the interactive voice feature.Editor says: Editor says: Editor says: BrooklynWoody says:Gets you where you want to go. Easy to use. Great product. RevnRef says:I have enjoyed using my TomTom. It gives good directions. The online updates directions are confusing. I'm never sure if it actually updated or if it needed updating or if it just doesn't update. I'll try again in about a month. Thor1997 says:I had owned an older Tom Tom but like all electronics even they wear out sometime. I saw this one on sale and liked the larger screen and the options that went with it, So far it has met my expectations and then some, spoken address, voice commands and lots of extras for finding everything from gas stations to your local walmart (just by asking it to find it). Leaves your hands where they should be on the wheel. This unit came with blue tooth connection but do your research my LG phone was not compatable but an email to Tom Tom and they assured me it would be in the near future. Tom Tom web site has a list of compatable phones so if you want to make sure before you buy go there and check it out. notreallyrelevant says:This Tom Tom Via 1535 GPS navigator is an excellent unit. From experience its operation and directions are concise and accurate Woulf says:I have found that the onboard speaker is lacking. The Tomtom seems to be designed to be attached to the windshield. Due to the distance the clearness is not as good as it should be. If there is any buffering used when speaking towards the Tomtom it needs to be better. I have found that people have trouble hearing me speak, which is unusual because I have a really strong voice. I might not have found the feature yet, but there needs to be a way to re-program a route to travel as I see fit- after seeing the route the Tomtom selects. Then store that route for future use.Editor says: Editor says: Editor says: Editor says: Editor says: Editor says: hhibrit says:Do not expect any GPS system to be 100% or even close! I live in a rural area and there are a load of unnamed roads The TomTom allows me to edit the road names and then upload and share these corrections with the rest of the TomTom Community. I am not sure whether these are automatically added to the quarterly map updates. Voice recognition is good (I'm a Brit) and have no problems. Life time Map updates took 5 attempts before it accepted the input code. Manual is useless and online help not much better. Having said that, once you get used to it it is very impressive. It allows you to edit and add Points of Interest (Gas Stations, Grocery Stores or whatever you like and you can share this with other users as well. Major problem is the Bluetooth Phone Hands Free function it only works with certain phones. My LG phone sees the TomTom .but it doesn't recognize the phone. Be sure to check out their website about compatibility otherwise you may be disappointed. It doesn't worry me too much I use a Bluetooth earpiece anyway! GoudaBuddha says:The only thing I really wish it had was route optimization. Yes, it allows you to plug in multiple stops, but you must have an idea where they are in relation to one another, because this device, nor any other TomTom devices, offer route optimization, to put the stops in order to save time and gas. I wish TomTom would work on this.Categories (0) (0)Friends of Best Laptop Prices on the Internet 2012 Best Laptop Prices on the Internet | Powered by A by Rendered At: 2012-06-02 02:48:03 AM UTC Time: 1.16s Queries: 2 WP Queries: 37