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  • Add pages for every distribution.
  • Setup categories as we go along.
  • Anything else I missed.

A spam filter is now in place, and I have customized it to better detect normal spammers. If you get blocked from the filter, please let me know.

Server News

09-29-06 New 320gig perpendicular drive installed. Working great.
10-02-06 SpamBlacklist extension installed again to prevent weblink spam
08-17-07 All info domains are now blocked due to spammer abuse. If you need to post a info URL, post it on the discussion page.
09-10-07 Spammers have forced me to close anonymous editing. I may re-open it if a better spam filter becomes available.
09-11-07 I have enabled the simple captcha extension ConfirmEdit and re-enabled anonymous editing.
06-04-08 Doubled Internet connection thanks to advertising support. Spammers seem to have compromised the captcha, ugh.

A Google Adsense bar has been added to help pay for hardware and bandwidth costs. Thanks to you guys, this wiki has become a hotspot for the ATI fglrx driver. Keep those hits coming!