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Hi there,On November 5th 2007 at 10:58, Martin made a _very_ nice comment on the geernal philosophy behind Slackware as opposed to other distros. This comment adds the necessary (but lacking) balance to the article for others to make a qualified choice.On November 6th 2007 at 12:37, icebox added what I'd call an important footnote to Martins comment.Having not read any of the other articles (yet), I must say that I find this one amazingly well done. To me, saving newbees from a poor Linux-experience (due to a chemistry mismatch) is equally important as gaining new territories/disciples to our Slackware community. -And I think that your article might do just that. Hopefully then, potential future Slackware-fans will find the right encouragement (not provided in the article) from those comments.To stick with the cars and motorcycles -analogy, I agree that there's no need to bash eachothers distros choose the vehicle/color/make that best suits your taste; and then respect those traffic lights ;o)Keep it up!The Guffer