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If you require help with installing the AMD fglrx driver, please consider a web forum or mailing list.

Minor updates to "Method 1"

I think that the "Method 1" documentation could use a few small tweaks; I wanted to propose them here for discussion before making any changes to the documentation itself. If I don't hear anything back by 2009-02-01, I'll go ahead and make the changes to the main document.

In my version of Debian (testing), the description for the fglrx-kernel-src package says that it "is a dummy package". All I needed to do was install the fglrx-driver package, and it pulled in the dependencies fglrx-source and module-assistant, so I think the "Install the driver" command set should be simplified to:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install fglrx-driver

Then, the first command under "build and install the module" should be:

sudo module-assistant auto-install fglrx-source

The last sentence should read as follows:

This will backup your original xorg.conf and then modify it to use the new driver. You need to restart your X server (or your computer) for the changes to take effect.

I also have a few minor corrections to the "Method 1" section. We should remove the "#:" from the beginning of commands. The section heading "build and install the module" should be changed to "Build and install the module".

--John L. Clark 19:04, 22 December 2008 (UTC)