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Ubuntu makes great operating sysetm and I enjoy it on my computers for second year. This recent release is great. I installed in on few computers and it completed installation very fast without any issues. It found all of hardware on all computers and installed all appropriate drivers. My relative was using it for first time in his life and it took him about 10 minutes to get comfortable then get online and check email. I guess the time when Linux installation was a struggle is over. Windows is more difficult to install these days. The computer under Ubuntu runs really fast. First thing you will notice that you don't need antivirus, because there's no viruses to fear, and you computer is free from all garbage adware. Nothing pops up, you can calm down and do what you got to do. Few people aware of that it comes equipped with complete Office suite! The whole thing is there and it gets installed from the disk together with Ubuntu. I can open and work on all my Excel files, Word documents etc. I installed it on friend's computer and he was asking not to remove the Windows he had, so I made it dual boot (it also conveniently offered option during the installation!). In four days he asked me to redo it again and remove Windows entirely. Use to be Windows was safe from Linux because Linux was so difficult to use. Today, as Linux got some very cool and advanced interfaces like Gnome and KDE, it is as easy (if not easier) than Windows. For most people who use their computer in a same way as I do: web, email, pictures, music and writing, Linux is the simplest and the best. You just get use to its interface and explore some software that all comes with it.