AMDGPU-PRO 21.40.1


Version: 21.40.1

Release Date: November 11, 2021

New in This Version

  • Introducing support for RHEL 8.5.
  • Release 21.40.1 is the first Radeon™ Software for Linux that uses unified ROCm™ and graphics drivers. This release has not been fully validated for Machine Learning use cases. Users are recommended to use for ROCm™ use cases.
  • This release introduces a new driver distribution model that is based on public package repository instead of tarball. The installer is posted on
  • The amdgpu-install and amdgpu-uninstall scripts have been modified to support the above unified stack and new distribution model. Additional information on amdgpu-install and amdgpu-uninstall can be found in the installation documentation at .
  • The installer streamlines the installation process by:
    • Abstracting the distribution-specific package installation logic,
    • Performing the repository set-up,
    • Allowing users to specify the use case and automating the installation of all the required packages,
    • Downloading only packages that are needed for the chosen use case and reducing download size, and
    • Performing post-install checks to verify whether the installation was performed successfully.
  • EULA acceptance for proprietary components has been moved from to the installer.

Fixed Issues

Known Issues

  • X is incorrectly configured when installed with the “--usecase=workstation” option with RHEL/CentOS. This will be fixed in the “Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 21.Q4 for Linux” release.

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