Fedora 11 Installation Guide

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AMD Repository[edit]

Step 1 Install Development Tools[edit]

The fglrx driver has a small kernel module that is required for hardware 3D and OpenGL acceleration.

$ su -c `yum install gcc kernel-devel rpm-build make`

Step 2 Install fglrx Driver[edit]

Step 2a Generate RPMs Method[edit]

//This method not tested!
  • Open a terminal, and run the package.
$ sh radeon-crimson-15.12-15.302-151217a-297685e.zip --buildpkg Fedora/F10
  • Become root and install the RPM files that were generated.
$ su -
# rpm -ihv filename.rpm

Step 2b Script Install Method[edit]

//tested working by WhiteRabbit56 on Radeon Mobility HD4650

  • Open a terminal, become root, and run the package.
$ su -
# sh radeon-crimson-15.12-15.302-151217a-297685e.zip
# echo -n 1a12e6c2f7e613b887d92e943a40799e:223cd5fbc4c82295b7ee1ea30b7818b32a27d6f5cfd75095c68d67b409754faa2927:2820d5a193d375dae4ed4dac087240ab782583a7c683728bb7bb19ac0b781bad2873d4f593d0758de4bf4aa30f7040ab7924dea6c1d1718cb7e019a10e2618ff282bd4f5 > /etc/ati/signature

Step 3 Reboot[edit]

  • Restart your computer for changes to take effect.