Talk:Fedora 18 Installation Guide


Worked great for me on fedora 19, with the correct rpm fusion repositories! There should be a section for OpenCL support. Specifically, how to install the AMD APP package, and how to link it into the standard library path.


This worked like a champ for me. Thanks for the step by step. I have dual ATI Radeon HD 5450s running 4 screens.


The "in software manager enable "fedora 18 source\source-update" " has me lost. I am using Gnome3, and open the "Software" activity. Trying to search for "fedora 18 source" returns hundreds of entries. Is there a command line way to do this? Is the package under "Programming" or "System" or what.. something to help refine paging through all this stuff. I never did find it. Gave up and bought a nVidia card.


The same procedure worked perfectly with Fedora 19 x86_64 (Gnome 3.8) and a Mobility Radeon HD5870.

=> FurMark score (1920x1080 no AA) : 1091 points

Pretty good...