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it gets replaced only if there is a second device section in xorg.conf so make sure, when it works with that there is no other device section than fglrx

copy of to /usr/lib/ works fine but check, if there is also one in /usr/lib/fglrx/ if so, the copied version is replaced (i don't know why). so both have to be replaced.

Wow, I followed this and it doesn't work, either method......

Now what? nobody to turn to, no more help available. Is it an ATI problem or a Dapper one?

I would have never believed that as "advanced" as this O/S is that it is this difficult to get a display driver to work.

This is absolutely incredible....

the problem is the driver, not the operating system.. ATI should take a lesson from nVidia.

[UBfusion reporting]: Many ATI chipsets suffer from this, due to faulty in the new ATI drivers - use the old file from old drivers, read

try using ONLY 128MB of UMA memory instead of Sideport+UMA

This is a really strange problem with the HP/Compaq R4000/zv6000:

Once upon a time, ATI driver fglrx_6_8_0-8.13.4-1.i386.rpm provided full DRI and 3D support on Ubuntu 5.04 kernel 2.6.10. ( wget )

Then, ATI's new releases only worked if we used 128MB of shared/system/UMA memory along with the 128MB of onboard video memory many of these laptop models have.

Now, after installing Ubuntu 6.0.6 kernel 2.6.15, the ATI driver will only work with full DRI and 3D support if I totally disable the 128MB of onboard video memory and use ONLY shared/system/UMA memory( 128MB )....

Now, with my fully functioning Ubuntu 5.0.4 installation, when I go from only Sideport to only UMA, the glxgears output goes from ~1200fps to ~500fps

With the new kernel and Xorg server of Ubuntu 6.0.6 running only UMA video memory and the 5.0.4 version of glxgears, output from that program is ~800fps. Still a 30% decrease in performance from using the 128MB of onboard/Sideport video memory.

IMO, running like this is not a fix but a crippled hack and it would be really nice if HP/Compaq or ATI would tell us what the problem is, why it exists, how it is to be fixed. So try just 128M of UMA in your BIOS and see if that enables you to get DRI/Direct Rendering working with the ATI/fglrx driver.

OK - I noticed that the wiki had been updated to reflect the 8.26.18 release but the line relating to the Xpress 200M card not functioning with the 8.25.18 drivers was unchanged. Can someone confirm if the 8.26.18 drivers work with the 200M card or not?

Also effected my xpress 200m on 64bit hp pavillion. changing to fglrx and using the guide worked. but only at 128mb uma. this could be a problem for a few people and could be mentiblem with the Modelines configuration in xorg driving the TFT display out of sync. Try a lower resolution (say 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480); if it doesn't work try defining a manual modeline for the resolution you are trying. Good luck and keep posting! :-)